MKG CD Preview Concert


July 26, 2014
800 East Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
9:00 PM

Here’s your chance to get a listen to the band live & pick up your very own pre-release copies of “Music Without Words” and “Music With Words”.

Nicky Egan will be opening the show and we’ll have some pretty darn nifty special guests. Joining the band will be Adron, CL’s Local Album of the year 2011 & Songwriter of the year 2012. Mary Ellen Jones, until her return to performing recently, a much missed musical icon throughout the Southeast and inspiration & groundbreaker for women artists in Atlanta. Also Valerie Payton, powerhouse R&B singer who has been featured in films with Dolly Parton & Queen Latifa in addition to a successful stage performing career.

Admission will be limited to 100 people.
$15.00 admission only.
$25.00 admission & a copy of “Music Without Words’
$30.00 admission, copy of “Music Without Words” and “Music With Words”