Soulbounce reviews Cleveland P. Jones and Adron’s collaboration with The Martin Kearns Group on U2’s classic “Pride (In the Name of Love)”.

Bounce-Worthy singer Cleveland P. Jones is somehow always involved in the most beautiful collaborative works, and he’s continuing that practice this year with the help of Georgia jazz troupe MKG. The Marty Kearns Group, comprised of Marty Kearns, Nick Johnson, Khari Simmons and Janelle Monáe’s percussionist Rafael Periera, have called on Jones and singer/songwriter Adron for their inspiring remake of the anthem “Pride (In the Name of Love).”

U2‘s 1984 classic gets a fresh coat of 2015 paint. Jones and Adron finesse their way through the song as they sing about love, peace and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. The video for this powerful number is a simple one that shows the band and the singers tracking out the song in the studio. Jones and Adron aren’t the first vocalists to team up with MKG, as the group called on the likes of Avery*Sunshine and Anthony David for guest appearances on their 2014 Music With Words album.