MKG Band

MKG Band

MKG (Marty Kearns Group), Ropeadope recording artists

Guitar: Davis Causey
Keyboards: Martin Kearns
Drums: Rafael Pereira
Bass: Khari Simmons

MKG was born out of discussions between Daz IKue & myself about developing a project that merged the 60/70s small instrumental groups like Booker T & the MGs & the Meters with Brokenbeat and Dub Step. Daz was to program a musical foundation and the band would perform over the tracks.

The first step was to put together MKG. Khari Simmons was a definite for the bass spot, we’ve been working together in the studio as players & co-producing since the mid ’90s. I met Rafael Pereira the first week he was in Atlanta on a traditional Brazilian session & it was like finding a long lost brother, he was a must for the drum seat. A few years ago Davis Causey and I ended up in Shawn Mullin’s band together and the musical connection was immediate. These were the guys and to my amazement they all wanted in.

The first session Daz & I had a couple of tracks ready to work around, but to get warmed up we decided to start with a blank slate & write a song from bottom up. Less than 2 hours later we had a finished track. The organic flow between the musicians was unstoppable. We never quite got around to recording over the prepared tracks, maybe next CD.

So what is MKG? It’s music being played directly from the hearts of a group of unique, very accomplished musicians in the unusual position of being able to play how they feel the songs. It’s the spontaneous live interaction and energy of of old school recording where you write the song then play it down as a band. It’s the surprises you get when 4 players with greatly varied backgrounds and styles decide throw it all in a pot and stir the music up. It’s playing with no rules. But mostly it’s a group making music they love with friends they love.


Martin Kearns