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2014 was a very interesting year for us. From the formation of the band, to building a relationship with Ropeadope & their releasing “Music Without Words” & “Music With Words”, and a series of great live shows.

As we grow & get to know more what you want we’ve been refining our approach to things:
The Second Sunday Studio Concerts have been such an inspiration to us, the show support & community has been so much more than we expected. It’s a growing relationship between co-creators, (the band & the audience). After the November outing we’ve decided to drop the jam session & instead have what is our typical writing session with the audience encouraged to stick around with us. The Second Sunday Studio Concerts really are the heart of what MKG is about, up close, personal, & no show-biz barriers between the performers & the listeners. It’s about a shared journey.

We’re also thrilled to have Nick Johnson become part of the group. No, Davis isn’t going away, but life obligations have made it difficult to be involved with some of the shows. Looking forward to upcoming performances with both Nick & Davis.

Also looking forward to January shows which will be featuring Cleveland P. Jones on vocals.

Since we’re looking back a bit there are some people that deserve some big thanks.
Mary Ellen Jones, for always being there & always stepping up to the plate. Adron, Valerie Payton, Nicky Egan, Sharon Glass, Mria Dangerfield, Sonya Hook, Shawna Floyd & Anthony David for jumping in & giving it their all with no hesitation. Don Milton & Anthony Makar & everybody at UUCA for all the love & giving us a 2nd home. Shawn Mullins for his faith in us & his support.

And far from last Louis Marks & all the Ropeadope family that have guided & supported us, but most importantly put the music first. They’re the good guys & we’re honored to be part of the Ropeadope family.

So Happy New Year, may it be blessed.

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